Rethinking Pain Management

by Dee Emmerson, TCC Writer

JUST WATCH A FEW videos on the origins of human flight and you get a pretty good idea about our efforts to control chronic pain today. An enterprising young man with makeshift wings attached to his arms flaps wildly as he jumps off a tower onto a stack of mattresses. Or we can see some other nut leaping off of a bridge in similar attire. Still another nearly decapitates himself when the steam powered gyroscopic whirligig he captains starts falling apart. We laugh at these videos because we easily recognize the mistakes they are making: all of these men needed a major paradigm shift when it came to achieving flight.

We face the same problem in the world of pain management today: we have the science, but we struggle to apply it in a way that actually works. Read this short article to see how the paradigm is shifting...