Are you missing out on life?

WILLIAM, Take Courage Coaching™ program graduate

I love helping people. So when I was injured doing search and rescue, I felt useless. For 8 years I suffered with severe pain, plus depression and anxiety that grew progressively worse. Not wanting friends to see me so depleted, I rarely left the house, stopped socializing, and only lamented all I wasn’t doing. 

My case worker learned about a pain management program she was sure could help me. I was skeptical. A soft-spoken southern woman introduced herself as my coach. One of my first exercises was visualizing my life not dominated by pain; and I had to dig deep to imagine a good night’s sleep, see myself enjoying the mountains again, and picture my contributions to family and community.

I started talking with my coach about the things I love, and her support motivated me to do something with each of them over the next few months. Before long, I was exercising and sleeping better.  With new energy I felt like cleaning my shop. I started calling friends again, planned a camping trip with my wife, and became a city councilman. Wow...had I been missing out on life! 

I still have physical limitations, but now I don’t let it stop me. Even with pain, life is good!