Becky’s Story | 14 Miles from Wisdom

In the summer of 2005, I was in a violent rollover car accident in the remote Big Hole Valley of Montana.  A C-4 spinal cord injury almost took my life—TWICE.
First, I faced a fight to stay alive.  After recovering from my physical injuries, I faced a second battle: excruciating, unbearable burning, aching nerve pain.     A syrinx (cyst caused by the trauma) in the center of my spinal cord was inoperable.  I faced a life of never-ending pain.  The only option was pain medications.  

My doctors worked hard to help me find a solution, but the best nerve-pain medications didn't help.  Narcotics didn't even touch the pain; they just made it harder for me to cope with life. I was trapped in my body and desperately wanted out.  I prayed for answers and for hope.  

Referral to a pain clinic gave me training in pain management, knowledge of the mind-body aspects of pain, and tools to make desired behavioral changes and reach measurable goals. 

I continued to research pain and to collaborate with my medical specialists, but I recognized a piece that was missing for most people in pain:  ongoing support and learning how to personally manage pain.  This sparked an idea that soon became my passion:  helping others with chronic pain learn effective ways to cope with and live beyond their pain.  

I recognized a piece that was missing for most people in pain: ongoing support and learning how to personally manage pain.

I founded Take Courage Coaching with a vision to share what I was learning--how to manage my pain so it wasn't the center of my universe.  In time I gathered a group of professionals in counseling, coaching, and communications who are equally passionate about making life less about pain and more about living.  Through the courage of those who know how to enjoy life in spite of their pain, others are finding their way back from the brink of despair.  My dream is to make pain management available to everyone who has chronic pain. 

Today I still have the same pain, but it doesn't have me.  I live in beautiful Montana, and share life with my husband and family. Every day is filled with sharing the secrets I have learned about pain management.