Have opioids nearly destroyed you?

Delica, Take Courage Coaching™ program graduate and Coach

Injuries, pain, surgeries, pain clinics—that’s my history. Oh, and the meds: opioids, meds to help me survive the opioids, muscle relaxants, antidepressants, sleep aids and more. The last pain clinic wouldn’t even take me until I cut down on the drugs; so it was detox first, then outpatient clinic. 

I learned a lot of things in these pain programs, but didn’t know how to make it all work in real life. Success was hit and miss.  Becky Curtis and I happened to be in the same program, and we stayed in touch. Her idea to help others learn pain management led her to pursue a wellness coaching certification, and she needed a practice client. I needed to be practiced on, so we made a great team.

Becoming part of a group of ladies who were all learning how to manage pain provided amazing ah-ha moments for me—the beginning of my new life. I’ve recovered from the hyperesthesia (over-sensitivity to pain) caused by being on opioids. Pain levels are still high, but manageable with the strategies I’ve learned and now use in coaching others to thrive. Best of all, I have gained emotional wellbeing.