Has pain defeated you?

ELIZABETH, Take Courage Coaching™ program graduate

I spent a lot of years suffering with migraines—off the chart suffering. Instead of participating in life, I existed alone with my pain, and it was in charge of me.

To compensate for feeling undependable or irresponsible when the pain stopped me, I over-functioned and nearly destroyed myself in every career track. 

Coaching gave me a chance to “try on” new ways of doing and thinking, and I now have a ready supply of tools to manage my pain. I found that pain doesn’t have to control me—that I can take care of myself and hurt less even when the pain number is high. 

I’ve re-engaged with family and friends, and am back to working on my writing projects. I no longer believe that a pain flare is the end of my world...that I am an irresponsible or undependable person…that I have nothing to offer the world. I no longer believe that God abandoned me.