Has pain stopped you in your tracks?

KELLY, Take Courage Coaching™ program graduate and Coach

I was planning to cheer on my daughter at a competition 500 miles from home. Instead I awoke to intense back pain—the start of years seeking answers from doctors, corrective surgeries, and searching for a cure they might not know about. Even high doses of narcotics didn’t improve my life.  I was still in pain and fuzzy headed, to boot. 

I stopped teaching Sunday School, volunteering at my kids’ school, and leading out in 4-H. I rarely left my house, and missed singing for special events and making wedding cakes.

Getting that first call from Take Courage Coaching™ changed my life. I was introduced to tools that helped me manage my pain, and gained confidence as my coach and I explored ways for me to return to the things I loved. I reduced my pain medicine until I was completely off the narcotics. For the first time in years my head was clear! 

Now every day is a day I can make choices that prevent me from being dominated by pain. After a ten-year absence I have rejoined the work force as a pain-management Coach who is able to help others reclaim their lives as I have.