Have you given up a creative interest?

Cherie, Take Courage Coaching™ graduate

I was described as a vibrant mom, wife, artist, and a caregiver my elderly patients adored. I never dreamed, when I broke my back lifting a patient, that the pain would never go away, and that I would later develop fibromyalgia. 

I begged my neurosurgeon for surgery, because it was the only hope I had left.  Instead of saying “OK,” he stipulated that I go through a program designed to help me understand my pain and my brain before he would operate. It’s an understatement to say I was frustrated. For weeks, I was bitter and uncooperative, but my coach calmly met with me each week by phone and promised the program would help if I stayed with it. Eventually I let the words “I can help you” sink in and began to put some of the pain-management strategies into practice. And that was my turning point.

Six months later I was out of my recliner and back in my flower garden and studio.  Eventually I knew I could manage my pain without pain medications. I also went off Disability (the first of my doctor’s patients to do so in his 30 years of practice!). I’m very proud of that.  Today I rarely suffer with pain—the strategies I learned from Take Courage Coaching work that well! 

I graduated from TCC's Coach Training course and started coaching. It's so rewarding to help others learn the strategies I find so effective.