Have you given up on yourself?

BECKA, Take Courage Coaching™ program graduate and Coach

I was on my way to do a lot of things—a paralegal degree, law enforcement officer, 911 operator, long-haul truck driver, diet counselor—when injuries and chronic pain got in the way. For many years I focused on my medications more than I did anything else. I was terribly dependent on opioids—and all the pills for nausea, anxiety, appetite, and constipation—you know the drill. The anxiety drugs nearly killed me. When I was hospitalized I weighed 99 lbs.

A new pain management doctor was the first and only person who expected me to get better. He referred me to Take Courage Coaching™ for pain-management coaching. At first most of the information looked familiar…I was expecting something mysterious and new. It was the concept of neuroplasticity that grabbed my attention. It hit me that I could change my brain. But I didn’t have to figure it out on my own—it’s the coaching that made the difference.

Today I still have pain, but it doesn’t interfere with my life. I run a small business and love to garden. Best of all I’ve completed coach training and am now helping others loosen the grip of pain.