What can coaching do for chronic pain?

Jim, Take Courage Coaching™ graduate

Following an accident in 2006, I was suffering with severe nerve pain that left me exhausted and desperate. I had tried every pain medication, treatment and therapy available—even two surgeries. Nothing took away the pain that consumed me; so when I heard about coaching for pain, I was more than a little skeptical. Actually, I was incredulous—coaching to help my pain? Come on! 

When I finally called Becky, I still didn’t believe her strategies would impact my pain levels. But I’d tried everything else without success, so I decided to give Take Courage Coaching™ a try. Becky had just started coaching what she’d learned about managing her own pain, and I couldn’t ignore the fact that she was thriving in spite of central pain that had to be as bad or worse than mine. 

I learned pain-management strategies involving lifestyle choices and changes in the way I think. With solutions and things I can do—instead of just suffering through the pain—I’ve gone from working less than 60% to over 90% of my pre-accident capacity. My pain levels are down drastically, I’m off all pain meds, and my blood pressure is back to normal.  

I look back and shudder at what my life was before Take Courage Coaching.™  It’s radically different now—no longer defined by pain. Rather than focusing on the pain, I see what I’m able to accomplish. I absolutely recommend this to anyone who is suffering with pain—at any level of pain.