Why this is the best hope for pain that cannot by “fixed"

Brenda W., MD, Take Courage Coaching  program graduate

I was a healthy, happy, “multitasking” individual…had a great life as a Physician, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Friend and Volunteer. One day I noticed a burning pain in my feet. Within months it was widespread and excruciating, my muscles tightened and stiffened, and I was fatigued and couldn’t focus. My life of health and multitasking was forever changed.

Desperate for answers, I sought help from many specialists, and after several years was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The name hardly describes this syndrome or the toll it takes on your life. For many like myself, traditional medicine and therapies didn’t help much.

I was introduced to Take Courage Coaching™ and a life changing experience. Taking charge and managing my own pain, rather than expecting some treatment to “cure” me, is the approach I now practice. 

Currently there is no cure for my chronic pain and no magic pill that takes the pain away. I will always have pain, but now I have the management skills along with knowledge of how to adjust and adapt. This helps me live the best life I can. 

The supportive coaching staff understands our struggles, and this helps to decrease the emotional baggage of fear, worry, anxiety, anger, and guilt that can accompany a chronic condition.

I am so grateful for Take Courage Coaching™…