Working with patients who are experiencing chronic pain can be frustrating. You have limited resources, no time, and no options for them. Simply put, you want to help your patient move forward, but you just don’t know how. 

What if there were a solution that would allow your patients to take personal control of their chronic pain?

We are here to help. At Take Courage Coaching, we help your patients develop life long self management skills that will help them defeat their chronic pain.


It is difficult to know how to get your patients the help they need. Everywhere they turn, they are told that medication is the best answer. In this free guide, we will highlight the five sure signs that what they are doing isn’t working and what you can do to help.


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About Take Courage Coaching

At TCC we know you want to make a difference in our nation’s greatest health care crisis. In order to do that, you need to find solutions that work for your patients. Your greatest challenge is you feel powerless in your ability to help your patients take the focus off of their pain and regain their lives. Read more >

Being an incomplete quadriplegic doesn’t stop Becky Curtis from hiking in the hills around Bozeman, Montana, with dogs, Ruger and Quigley. After a nearly life-ending accident, she founded Take Courage Coaching® to make her pain-control tools available to you with certified at-home coaching.