The most successful participants of Take Courage Coaching® have reclaimed lives once dominated by chronic pain, returned to work and activities, and now rely on medical interventions far less than they do their own pain-management strategies.


Published in the Journal of Applied Biobehavioral Research

Abstract: "Pain management coaching: The missing link in the care of individuals living with chronic pain"
authors: Rebecca Curtis, Joel O'Beso

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Help for patients in pain

Patients in chronic pain have suffered many months or years without pain management strategies, without hope, and often becoming dependent or addicted to opioids. Besides education, these patients require a supportive system to unlearn poor coping habits and lifestyle patterns that contribute to pain. The pain-management coach provides support and guides the patient in learning and implementing self-management strategies. 

Chronic-pain syndrome patients have long-held beliefs about pain and mind-body responses to pain that can change with education and support.  The transition takes longer, but clients discover their potential and gain a vision of thriving instead of suffering.

The Take Courage Coaching® philosophy for health coaching:

  • The client learns pain-management skills and strategies, one at a time.

  • The client is guided by the coach to develop goals that support life values and personal strengths—and put them into action.

  • The client continues to utilize learned strategies that work.

  • The client develops and adapts a healthier life style around these strategies.

  • The client is guided to change the strategies that are not working.

  • Together the coach and client track progress and celebrate successes.

  • Weekly goals are reviewed and extended or new ones added in order to pursue and attain health goals.

  • Processes are used to help clients actively identify what might stop them from adhering to treatment recommendations and discover strategies for overcoming these barriers.


Take Courage Coaching® is the partner your patient needs


  1. You fill out a referral for for your patient and submit it to TCC.

  2. TCC interviews your patient to ensure they are ready to benefit from the program.

  3. A TCC coach will administer the non-VA Pain Outcomes Questionaire (POQ) in order to understand how your patient's pain affects daily activities.


  1. Your patient will begin weekly half-hour individual (confidential) coaching sessions

  2. Your patient will also join weekly one-hour group coaching sessions

  3. In 6 months, your patient's TCC coach will re-administer the POQ


  1. Your patient will participate in the program for a full year to give him or her time to understand and test new strategies and knowledge.

  2. Your patient’s TCC coach will assist him or her with the transition and discharge process.

  3. Your patient will replace a pain-driven existence with a thriving focus.

  1. Click the button below and Print the referral form

  2. Explain the TCC program to your patient and obtain their signature

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