Letter to Policy/Decision Makers:

Thank you for working to address the issues of healthcare and opiate use. 

I could be among the millions of people
who try to manage chronic pain with opioids…

A Better Solution—In the process of developing a pain-management plan for my chronic pain, I found my passion in coaching people with pain so they could do the same thing—a small start that has grown into an internationally-respected approach to pain management. You can read my story here.

Physicians tell me that coaching is the missing link in treating chronic pain, because it supports and motivates people who have been failing to thrive for many months or years.

Brain Science & Coaching—Coaching is so effective at moving chronic pain sufferers from a “fix-me” mindset that they become self-managers of their pain—not the short-term quick-fix of a pill, but with skills that improve physical and emotional wellbeing for a lifetime. 

Coaching is also the means to reducing medical costs. The example below shows what coaching did for two actual patients who completed the Take Courage Coaching® program.


"When you give people the tools to be self-managers of their pain
(instead of being passive patients), the cost goes down to zero."

- Becky Curtis, Founder/CEO of Take Courage Coaching® -


Just published in the Journal of Applied Biobehavioral Research

Abstract: "Pain management coaching: The missing link in the care of individuals living with chronic pain"
authors: Rebecca Curtis, Joel O'Beso

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