Becky Curtis

PCC and founder of Take Courage Coaching—Becky developed central pain following a cervical spinal cord injury in 2005. Overwhelmed and desperate to find a solution, she began reading everything she could on how chronic pain works and how to manage it. In the process, she discovered that the best solutions for chronic pain management are well known and available to anyone. What was missing was a personal process to help people accept and implement these solutions effectively. From her own personal experience, Becky found that this process requires a lot of courage and is more successful within the context of a coaching relationship. She founded Take Courage Coaching to inspire courage and provide coaching to those suffering with chronic pain. 

Lisa Creekmur

BSN, RN—Lisa is a Certified Professional Health and Wellness Coach, Tobacco Treatment Specialist, American Holistic Nurse’s Association Board Certified Nurse-Coach, Take Courage CoachingTM Certified Pain Management Coach, and a member of NAADAC, ICF, ATTUD and MINT (Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers). She has worked in the field of addiction and lifestyle change for the past 30 years. During that time she has had the opportunity to learn and teach relational skills such as Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and ACT. She has worked with impaired drivers in treatment and jail, as well as through mandated classes. In 2014, Lisa became a member of MINT. In association with Ohio State University and Vanderbilt University she has been involved with research projects to determine the efficacy of coaching as a means to affect healthy change in the chronic pain population. She has worked with Wellcoaches® Corporation on coaching research in association with Ithaca College. Lisa also coached corporate clients through lifestyle change for Vanderbilt University prior to starting her own company. She works with Take Courage CoachingTM as a coach, trainer and mentor. Seeing persons overcome resistance and ambivalence, maintain motivation for making healthy changes and take control of their lives to be their best self is what makes it all worthwhile. 

Lesa Abney

BSN, RN-BC, NC-BC, CPHWC—Lesa is a Board Certified Cardiovascular Nurse, and American Holistic Nurse’s Association Board Certified Nurse-Coach, a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT), a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist, and Take Courage CoachingTM Certified Pain Management Coach. Lesa has worked in coaching for over five years, and has taught health coaching classes, as well as Motivational Interviewing. She has seen first-hand how coaching can help improve clients lives, whether they deal with chronic pain or medical illnesses. Lesa has worked on a coaching project, coached clients with diabetes, contributed to several research papers, and utilized Motivational Interviewing in medication adherence and lifestyle change. 

Joel O'Beso

PsyD, MBA—Dr. O’Beso is a Behavioral Medicine Specialist, and defines himself as a Pain and Wellness Coach at heart. Witnessing the impact of chronic pain on family members kindled his professional emphasis on pain management. After a decade of working mostly as a clinical counselor, he became the Interdisciplinary Pain Rehabilitation Program Director at the Auburn Pain Rehabilitation Medical Clinic and the Health Education for Living with Pain Program, which he did for almost 14 years. At TCC, he has served in the capacity of Coach Trainer, Coach Training Curriculum Advisor and Career Coach since 2009. In addition to his undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology, Joel has also completed the following specialized pain management and coach training: Chronic Disease Self-Management Program Instructor at Stanford School of Medicine and the weekly Pain Didactic Lectures at the Stanford Clinical Pain Medicine Fellowship for 71⁄2 years; Health and Wellness Core Coach Training at Wellcoaches® School of Coaching; Health and Wellness Coach and Professional Life Coach at Light University; Elite Life Coach at The Coach Mindset; and Professional Coach Certification at World Coach Institute. Joel’s dedication to pain management focuses on helping individuals leverage their personal strengths to self-manage chronic pain, succeed in careers, and live meaningfully every day in spite of their pain. 

Alice Fleenor

degrees in Marketing, Communications & Business—Alice came to Take Courage CoachingTM as a client. Despite her workaday skills in organization and event planning, her pain was getting the best of her and turning life into a real drag. Alice was motivated to improve, and made such great progress with her coach that before graduating she trained and ran a 5k. The experiences of pulling herself out of pain’s grasp awakened a desire to help others, and Alice entered the Coach Training program. She is now a Coach and TCCU faculty member, and still uses her favorite pain management tool, diaphragmatic breathing, because of its simplicity and effectiveness. She lives in Tennessee with her miscellaneous pack of rescued fur babies, and enjoys quite a list of hobbies and interests: photography, guitar and ukulele, writing, typography, antiques, gardening and kayaking. 

Paul Curtis

ACSM—Paul comes to Take Courage CoachingTM with experience in fitness training. He has worked in a functional restoration program with people who are in chronic pain, and is personally familiar with the challenges and successes of his motherwho not only lives with chronic pain, but thrives in spite of it. Paul is fluent in Spanish, which now makes the TCCTM program available to Latinos. He loves to hunt, fish and camp, play baseball and snowboard. He recently returned home to Bozeman, Montana.