Becky Curtis, CEO

Professional Coach and founder of Take Courage Coaching,® Becky developed excruciating central pain following a 2005 cervical spinal cord injury. Overwhelmed and desperate to find a solution, she began researching chronic pain and how to manage it. In the process, she discovered that the best solutions for chronic pain management are well known and available to anyone. What was missing was a personal process to help people accept and implement these solutions effectively. From her own personal experience Becky found that this process requires a lot of courage and is more successful within the context of a coaching relationship. She founded Take Courage Coaching® to inspire courage and provide coaching to those suffering with chronic pain.

As demand grew for pain-management coaching and additional coaches were needed, Becky  discovered that many health and wellness coaches lacked experience with chronic pain clients. She began training for this client base with the help of top-qualified coach trainers. TCC®U was accepted by the National Consortium for Credentialing Health & Wellness Coaches (NCCHWC) in 2016, and graduates are eligible to sit for the National Certification for Health Coaches.