The program

The Take Courage Coaching® U coach training program is a telephonic and web-based course designed to prepare coaches for certification.


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Week of January 22nd 2018


TCC®U’s coach training program provides trainees with comprehensive health and wellness, and specifically, pain-management coaching skills through education, practice and mentoring during a 28-week course. TCC®U faculty includes experienced coaches and MINT members. Education combines general coaching skills and best practices with specific attention to working with pain clients. To gain certification, trainees must pass a comprehensive exam and a practicum of recorded calls. 

Program highlights:

  • No travel requiredtraining is done via tele-classes. 
  • The 6-month training includes: 42 hours of coach training classes, 5 hours of one-on-one mentoring. 
  • 5 hours mentored practicum in Group Coaching. 
  • This training can be used for credentialing through ICF via portfolio and/or sitting for the NCCHWC exam for certification. 
  • TCC®U’s unique coaching model integrates a curriculum of research-based and proven pain-management techniques.

The goal

The goal of this program is to provide the trainee with coaching skills through education, practice and mentoringa process that is challenging and fun. Coursework, reading, homework, mentoring, and practice prepare the student to be a well-educated coach who understands chronic pain and utilizes best practices for helping clients find solutions to barriers that hamper thriving with pain.

The course content

  • Homework to be completed for each session (required reading and videos).
  • Buddy coaching (practice skills are built on six scenarios).
  • Exams cover lesson materials.
  • Reading exam.
  • Comprehensive final exam.
  • Practice Coaching includes 5 sessions (recorded and scored using the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity scale or the MITI-4 evaluation form). TCC®U works with students to ensure they have a good level of comfort using MI skills in conversation with clients. Students are required to find a practice client to hone the skills learned through classroom instruction. Mentoring sessions help students strategize and problem solve complicated client situations.
  • Each trainee will receive:
    • Lesson materials via web-platform.
    • Weekly emails from the education coordinator.
    • Access to the education coordinator for any questions for the duration of the course. 
    • A required-reading list and homework assignments (reading and videos).
    • A buddy for coaching practice.
    • Mentoring to improve coaching skills.

The requirements

  1. A dependable phone and Internet connection, plus moderate computer skills [(an email address, Internet or data plan with sufficient speed to view videos, basic typing skills, unlimited long-distance calling (advised)].
  2. Passing score of at least 80% on all exams.
  3. Passing 4 out of 5 recordings of practice coaching sessions, as scored by the MITI.
  4. Completion of required reading and reading exams.
  5. Completion of 5 hours of mentoring with a Mentor Coach (documented by Mentor).
  6. Completion of 6 sessions of buddy coaching.
  7. As an adult learner, each participant is responsible for completion of requirements within the 28-week course, if certification is desired. Upon successful completion of all requirements, the student will be a TCC®U certified coach and eligible to sit for the NCCHWC exam. 

The investment

The cost for the course is $3,500, plus textbooks (approximately $250). There are three payment plan options:

  1. $3,500 if paid in full, prior to program start date.
  2. Three payments of $1,200 within 90 days of program start date.
  3. Six payments of $650 within 180 days of program start date.

Occasionally, events arise that compel students to withdraw from training. A prorated refund schedule is available.