TCC®U Coordinator

Angie focuses her energies on TCC®U—coordinating the coaching school—and providing administrative assistance. Coming from the world of education, she is equipped to interact with certifying agencies, students, and instructors; and her organization enables TCC®U to prepare students for coaching careers. Angie lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband and toddler son, and enjoys discovering the world through his eyes, interior design, and beach vacations.

Dee Emmerson

Dee is a writer who puts her word-smithing and communications to work for Take Courage Coaching™  writing website and brochure copy, lessons, and newsletters. This is what she considers the “perfect job”—writing and sharing life-saving skills with those in chronic pain—with time around the edges to be her kitties’ human, tend flowers, sew or crochet, clean the house (micro-manage the Roomba), or help a neighbor. She lives in Colorado with her hubby of 40 years and counting.