Sarah’s own experiences and being a self-defense instructor and a life coach have proven to her the depth of human strength and resourcefulness. A few years ago, she and her twin sons experienced a rapid decline in health after moving to Central Coast of California. Investing in her own health, she attended and graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition  as a Holistic Health Coach. Better nutrition improved their health, but it would take several years to discover and remedy the root cause—mold in the house where they lived. Maintaining the health of her family is Sarah’s day-to-day priority. After living with chronic pain for several years, she wanted to utilize her experiences to help others. Finding TCC®U’s training and “working for Take Courage Coaching® is a dream,” she says. She loves witnessing the power of the human spirit as her clients choose new ways to think, believe and act on their strengths and values. When she’s not coaching, Sarah watches her sons’ soccer games and loves being in the outdoors—snowboarding, camping, hiking, and walking the dogs.

Dee Emmerson

Dee is a writer who puts her word-smithing and communications to work for Take Courage Coaching™  writing website and brochure copy, lessons, and newsletters. This is what she considers the “perfect job”—writing and sharing life-saving skills with those in chronic pain—with time around the edges to be her kitties’ human, tend flowers, sew or crochet, clean the house (micro-manage the Roomba), or help a neighbor. She lives in Colorado with her hubby of 40 years and counting.