Gary was a pastor, and lived with complicated pain and multiple surgeries until the effect of pain and pills forced him to retire. TCC Coaching helped him learn how to manage his pain without medications. Relearning to thrive was such a boost, he became a certified Coach through TCC®U, and is again working to help others. Gary and his wife live most of the year in the mountains of North Carolina, but travel west three to six months of the year to visit family in Tennessee and in Oregon. “When it’s necessary, one must reinvent himself,” Gary says of living with a progressive condition. He has found ways to make his life an adventure—speaking when he can, enjoying his artwork, writing, coaching and spending time with family and grandkids. He believes there is more to life than the past, and puts his energy into making now an adventure.

Dee Emmerson

Dee is a writer who puts her word-smithing and communications to work for Take Courage Coaching™  writing website and brochure copy, lessons, and newsletters. This is what she considers the “perfect job”—writing and sharing life-saving skills with those in chronic pain—with time around the edges to be her kitties’ human, tend flowers, sew or crochet, clean the house (micro-manage the Roomba), or help a neighbor. She lives in Colorado with her hubby of 40 years and counting.