Jackie has a BSc in biology with a focus on genetics and cell biology, and a PhD in molecular virology. Her career in biotech involved training and helping customers’ lab work to run smoothly,  and  she still works part time as a consultant to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Jackie currently has chronic regional pain syndrome that developed after back injuries from a car crash. Although the journey has been tough, it has also brought surprising gifts along the way. She says, “I was lucky to experience the TCC program as a client, and then completed the TCC®U coach training program so that I can use my experiences to help other people to live happier, fulfilled lives.” Her approach to pain management is holistic, as she finds that satisfying her physical needs, alone, does not adequately address other important factors—emotions, spirituality, habitual ways of thinking, and self-talk. For Jackie life is a series of adventures—travelling the world solo when younger, and enjoying a number of sports (rock climbing, hang gliding, scuba diving in the past; hiking, camping, and exploring the wilderness of California whenever possible). She is originally from England, but lives in San Francisco with her husband and young son.

Dee Emmerson

Dee is a writer who puts her word-smithing and communications to work for Take Courage Coaching™  writing website and brochure copy, lessons, and newsletters. This is what she considers the “perfect job”—writing and sharing life-saving skills with those in chronic pain—with time around the edges to be her kitties’ human, tend flowers, sew or crochet, clean the house (micro-manage the Roomba), or help a neighbor. She lives in Colorado with her hubby of 40 years and counting.